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Version 10.09.01 Released
Read more about the new features released in GLOBODOX Version 10.9.1… Continue reading

Version 10.08.01 Released
Read more about the new features released in GLOBODOX Version 10.8.1… Continue reading

GLOBODOX Version 10.5.1 Released
We have just released version 10.5.1. The focus this time was simplified configuration especially for those with large installations. We have reduced the hassle of applying a new or updated registration key on all machines in a multi-user environment. Please note that any customer who has an active maintenance subscription as on May 31 2016, can upgrade to v10.5.1.

GLOBODOX Version 10.4.1 Released
We have released an new update i.e. version 10.4.1. This update has minor fixes, enhancements (improved client-server configuration, ability to find out whether Globodox is installed in Server or Client mode). We have also released a new utility to automatically install SQL Server Express 2014 and help you convert your Access based DBs to SQL Server. Read more about...

GLOBODOX Version 10.3.2 Released
We just released a small GLOBODOX update largely for new users doing a fresh installation of GLOBODOX. Existing users can skip installing this upgrade. It would be best for existing users to wait for the release scheduled for April. The version we have released is Read more about the New features here and the bug fixes here

GLOBODOX Version 10.3.1 Released
When we released v10, we said it will allow us to do faster releases. This means customers will be able to access bug fixes and new features much earlier than before. It has been just over two months since we released v10 of GLOBODOX. In that period, we have released two updates with minor bug fixes. We have also...

GLOBODOX v10 Upgrade setup is now available
We will start rolling the v10 upgrade setup in batches from today. This is a complex update and testing all upgrade paths and fixing discovered problems took longer than expected. Since this update would require a new registration key, we have to do the upgrade in batches. To request the upgrade, simply click… Please make sure you have...

GLOBODOX Version 10 Released – Download it now!!!
Here is the big news you were waiting for!! GLOBODOX version 10 is out !! We last completely overhauled Globodox when version 5 was released. Your response to the changes were terrific and we added a lot of customers to the Globodox family since then. Over the years we have received newer features requests, tools and technologies have changed...

World Environment Day 2015 – Use Planet’s Natural Resources Responsibly
The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. We are asked by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to think of ways to use the planet’s natural resources responsibly. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need for environment-friendly practices. Especially, businesses that use a lot of natural resources like trees, water, etc have to re-think...

Why Globodox is Superb for Managing Invoices
Once you receive an invoice from a vendor, it seems pretty simple to just file it away. But the real trouble is when you have to find an old invoice, or calculate your total payables to your various vendors. To tackle this, companies across the globe are converting their paper invoices to digital format. Invoices are being generated directly...

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