Bug Fixes In Globodox

Version - 17 Feb 2017

  1. Fixed: When a document is shared to multiple users in the Web client, it gets shared only to the last user in the list.
  2. Fixed: Command Line option /reconfiguremssqlmaindb not working
  3. Fixed: Cannot copy extracted text for a document printed using the Virtual Printer
  4. Fixed: Better logging for text extraction related issues

Version - 17 Oct 2016

  1. Fixed: Error when displaying MSG files with certain Unicode characters
  2. Fixed: Occasional virtual printing error when printing file with same name multiple times
  3. Fixed: Occasional error when displaying EML files with attachments
    The error only occurred when displaying an EML file which contained an attachment with an invalid file name.

Version - 22 Sep 2016

  1. Improved: Logging for Virtual Printing
    Logging has been improved for the Virtual Printing feature. This will make it easier and faster to detect the cause of any virtual printing related problems.
  2. Fixed: OutOfMemory Exception when exporting hundreds of thousands of data rows
    The number of rows of data that can be exported has been significantly enhanced. There was never any limit imposed on the number of rows that can be exported. The limit is mainly imposed by the hardware of your machine. However we have optimized the code so that a lot more rows of data can be exported on the same hardware.
    If you still hit any problems, you split the export process into batches by filtering the data using the ID of the rows. Please do contact us if you need more details.
  3. Improved: Currently logged in Windows user mentioned in the logs
    The currently logged in Windows user is now mentioned in the logs. This makes it easy to combine logs from multiple machines or interpret logs from machines with multiple users.

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