What's New In Globodox

Version - 17 Oct 2016

  • GLOBODOX officially supports SQL Server 2016
    With official support for the latest version, GLOBODOX can now work with versions 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016 of SQL Server.

Version - 22 Sep 2016

  • Several performance enhancements

Version - 11 Aug 2016

  • Powershell (beta)
    Powershell commands are now available for GLOBODOX to enable automation. You can now add documents to GLOBODOX and retrieve documents from GLOBODOX via the Powershell command line. We will post moe details about this on our blog shortly.
  • Improved logging
    This version has much improved and more detailed logging. Also logging is now enabled by default and older logs are automatically deleted every 30 days. This allows for faster problem resolution.
  • Built-in viewer for Zip files
    When a ZIP is selected the preview pane now displays a link. Clicking the link opens the new Zip File Viewer window.

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